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Monthly Meetings


On the second Saturday of each month, except in July and August, at our temporary Club House located at Wolubilis, Place du Temps Libre 1, Local A300, 3rd floor, 1200 Brussels.

These meetings, announced in advance in our programme, usually consist in conferences with multimedia support (photographs, engravings, PowerPoint presentations, etc) or in the projection of historical films or documentaries followed by a debate.

During these meetings, members can browse our mini-shop, borrow books from our library or acquire those sold by our association.






The association has held many exhibitions in various art centres in Brussels and Belgian provinces. The following exhibitions were covered by the French speaking press (Le Soir, Paris Match, la Dernière Heure, la Libre Belgique, Vlan, etc.) and sometimes by local television channels (Télé Bruxelles and RTBF):


Art and Culture of the North American Indians.

Charlotte and Maximilian: Belgians in Mexico 1864-67.

Europe and the Civil War.

The South at the time of Gone with the Wind.


International Conventions


Organization of three important international conventions in 1982, 1992 and 1997, which brought together specialists in the Civil War from the United States, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.


Travel and Outings


The committee members have all traveled to various parts of the USA including those related to the Civil War, such as major battlefields, historical sites and museums. The CHAB regularly organizes excursions and group visits to historical points of interest in Europe. Last visits:


June 1999

France - Excursion to Cherbourg on the 135th anniversary of the naval battle between the CSS Alabama and the USS Kearsage.

May 2002

The Netherlands - Visit of the Rotterdam Maritime Museum and the Buffel, an ironclad of the same class as the CSS Stonewall.

June 2004

Belgium - Visit of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels.

May 2005

Belgium - Visit of the Ramillies battlefield where, in 1706, the armies of the Duke of Marlborough defeated those of Marshal de Villeroi.

May 2006

Belgium - Visit of the Ligny Museum devoted to the Quatre Bras battle, which took place on the eve of the battle of Waterloo.

May 2007 

Belgium - Visit of the major battlefields of the Great War in Flanders.

May 2008 

Belgium - Visit of Forts Lantin and Loncin, two of the main forts defending the city of Liège at the start of WWI..

June 2009

Belgium - Visit of the Raversijde Domain in Ostend and the Wall of the Atlantic Museum.

May 2010

Belgium - Visit of the Grand Curtius Museum of Liège, which incorporates the old arms museum of the town.

May 2011

Belgium - Visit of Hotton and La Roche in Ardennes: the XXXth British Corps in the snow.

May 2012

Belgium - Visit of the main sites of Brussels linked with the Belgian Revolution of 1830.

May 2013

France - Visit of the WWI Somme battlefields of July 1, 1916.

May 2014

Belgium - Visit of the buffalo farm in Recogne and of the WW II historical sites in Bastogne.

May 2015

Belgium - Excursion in Flanders Fields with visit of the major battlefields of the Great War.

May 2016

Belgium - Visit of Fort Breendonk in Willebroek and the Dossin barracks in Mechelen.

May 2017

France - Visit of Fort Fermont, part of the Maginot line in Longuyon.

May 2018

Belgium - Visit of the Quatre-Bras battlefield and the Caillou Farm in Waterloo.

May 2019

Belgium - Visit of the Red Star Line museum in Antwerp.