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Henry Hotze 

by Serge Noirsain

Fort Donelson

by Paul Kensey

The Economist

by Ethel S. Nepveux

Hemlock leather 

by David Jarnagin

No fur off my dog 

by Elizabeth S. Trindal

Galloping thunder 

by Robert J. Trout

The Barbary Wars 

by Jean-Claude Janssens

Coppens' Zouaves 

by Serge Noirsain

Among the Apache

by Frederic Schwatka

Clash at Elm Creek 

by Serge Noirsain

The Arizona Brigade 

by Serge Noirsain

The Greenback Raid 

by John S. Mosby

France's opportunity

by Charles Priestley

From Calais to Cairo 

by Charles Priestley

War crime or justice?

by Donald E. Collins

Charles Henry Foster 

by Donald E. Collins

The Bristoe campaign

by Jean-Claude Janssens

Flags for a new nation    


by Donald E. Collins

The Holcombe Legion

by Curtis Blackerby

The battle of Kirksville   

by Eugene M. Violette

Henry Clay's last years 

by J.O. Harrison

Ambrose Dudley Mann 

by Hubert Leroy

Life in the Confederacy 

by Nathaniel W. Stephenson

Rebels without uniform 

by Francis Lieber

Yankee bloomer doctor

by Elizabeth S. Trindal

The battle of Mobile Bay 

by Jean-Claude Janssens

The Lawrence massacre   

by Wiley Britton

Massacre at Sand Creek 

by Gerald Hawkins

The story of Mary Surratt 

by Elizabeth S. Trindal

The songs of the Civil War 

by Brander Matthews

Valor on the eastern shore 

by B.L. Robertson

Mason and Slidell's capture

by Virginia Mason

The return of the Tuscarora

by Donald E. Collins

The Chattanooga campaign 

by Jean-Claude Janssens

In search of Kelway's Hotel

by Charles Priestley

General Basil W. Duke, CSA 

by Lowell H. Harrison

Thomas Carmichel Hindman


by Jean-Claude Janssens

The last days of the Alabama

by Charles Priestley

Yancey and the Fishmongers  

by Charles Priestley

Into the burst of New Orleans 

by Lt. John Wilkinson, CSN

The agony of the Confederacy   

by John H. Reagan

The bailing of Jefferson Davis 

by George P. Lathrop

African-American slave owners 

by Elizabeth S. Trindal

Explosive bullets of the Civil War 

by Jacky Demuylder

Clash of titans at Hampton Roads 

by Gerald Hawkins

After the Trent or third time lucky? 

by Andrew Wellard

Recollections of Secretary Stanton 

by Charles F. Benjamin

The story of a campaign that failed 

by Donald E. Collins

The Great Seal of the Confederacy 

by Guy R. Swanson

Thirteen months in the Rebel army

by William G. Stevenson

The great escape from Libby prison 

by Lt Frank E. Moran, U.S.V.

The tragic fate of Mangas Coloradas

by Gerald Hawkins

European immigration in Texas, 1844   

by William Kennedy

The White House of the Confederacy 

by Eleanor S. Brockenbrough

Victory without heroes on the Nueces

by Dominique De Cleer

An appraisal of the Confederate cabinet 

by Thomas DeLeon

The agony of the Confederate railroads   

by Serge Noirsain

Forty days of hell, the Atlanta campaign

by Jean-Claude Janssens

Confederate losses during the Civil War 

by William F. Fox, Lt. Col., U.S.V.

Lord Lyons and the Civil War diplomacy

by Eric Heslop

The Sons of Liberty, traitors or patriots? 

by Dominique De Cleer

The revenge raid on Lake Mattamuskeet 

by Donald E. Collins

R.H. Williams, the English Texas Ranger

by Tony Mandara

The attitude of California to the Civil War 

by Imogene Spaulding

Jefferson Davis in the memory of history 

by Donald E. Collins

Spotsylvania and the changing face of war 

by Curtis D. Crockett

Eugene Tessier, a French blockade-runner  

by Ethel S. Nepveux

Wild Indians for the Southern Confederacy 

by Daniel Ruggles

The battle of Shiloh and its inconsistencies 

by Jean-Claude Janssens

The Richmond class Confederate ironclads 

by Robert Holcombe

The rifled musket of the American Civil War 

by Allan W. Howey

Alcide Bouanchaud, Pointe Coupee Artillery

by Brian Costello

Organization of the Confederate government 

by Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry

Eastern North Carolinians in the Union Army

by Donald E. Collins

The submarine monsters of the Confederacy 

by Daniel Frankignoul

Count Octave Fariola, a Belgian mythomaniac 

by Daniel Frankignoul

Three surviving ram ships of the Civil War era   

by Daniel Frankignoul

George Trenholm, last Secretary of the Treasury 

by Ethel S. Nepveux

Forty million dollars in flames at Burning Springs

by Serge Noirsain

A terrible battlefield duel, Gettysburg July 1, 1863 

by Curtis D. Crockett

A woman's view on Sherman's burning of Columbia

by Ethel S. Nepveux

Christopher G. Memminger, Secretary of the Treasury  

by Henry Capers

Death in Paris, the mysterious case of William L. Dayton 

by Charles Priestley

The Bermuda press and the official use of the Great Seal 

by Daniel Frankignoul

Faithful to the utmost - Oath of the divided Class of 1861 

by Dominique De Cleer

The incredible plot of Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt 

by James W. Thompson

Debacle in Tennessee, the Franklin and Nashville campaign

by Jean-Claude Janssens

The Civil War memoir of William Henry baron von Eberstein

by Donald E. Collins

The blockade runners of the Confederate government, part 1

by Serge Noirsain

The blockade runners of the Confederate government, part 2

by Serge Noirsain

Charles Augustus Hobart, blockade runner and Turkish admiral 

by Charles Priestley

The effects of the cessation of exchange of prisoners during the Civil War

by Donald R. Pierce

The powers of the commander of the Confederate Trans-Mississippi Department 1863-65 

by Florence Elizabeth Holladay